Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hi. So it's been sometime between posts/releases. The news in exact order is this:

* After a killer Australian tour - Damage Digital sold out of the 200 copies printed last year - if I get enough interest I will do up another 50-100. So let me know.

*Insect Warfare Tape is in the mail as we speak. It's been a year of planning and waiting but it's finally coming. Amazing band - they have a full length coming out within the next year on 625 so check it out.

*Local thrash band inspired by classic Australian thrash like Mass Appeal/Meanies/Hard On's from Melbourne Called "Cut Sick" will be putting together some new tracks on IdgetcHild....if you like your thrash about falling off your skateboard and hating life then you will dig.

*Pure Evil Trio will soon be sending in some newer material for an EP on Idget Child hopefully very soon. If you haven't heard of or know this Local Sydney band then you are missing out. Fans of freakish noise and good ol fashioned powerviolence will enjoy. These 3 chaps have been representing DIY sydney punk for ages now. Beautiful stuff.

*Grover, frontman from True Radical Miracle will also be doing a tape full of intense sounds as a split with some more local noise heads - watch out for this one as it will be coming and going very quick. Clear tapes with clear stickers on cover, 100 press...and 100 only!!

- if anyone out there cares at all let me know -